Name: Kevin Kiningham (Alumnus)
Email: kkiningh at stanford dot edu
Department: Electrical Engineering
Today: Cruise


CESEL: Securing a Mote for 20 Years.

Kevin Kiningham, Mark Horowitz, Philip Levis, and Dan Boneh. In Proceedings of the 13th European conference on Wireless sensor networks (EWSN 2016), 2016.

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Tethys: Collecting Sensor Data Without Infrastructure or Trust.

Holly Chiang, James Hong, Kevin Kiningham, Laurynas Riliskis, Philip Levis, and Mark Horowitz. In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI), 2018.

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Falcon — A Flexible Architecture For Accelerating Cryptography.

Kevin Kiningham, Philip Levis, Mark Anderson, Dan Boneh, Mark Horowitz, and Maurice Shih . In Proceedings of the The 16th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems (MASS '19), 2019.

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GReTA: Hardware Optimized Graph Processing for GNNs.

Kevin Kiningham, Philip Levis, and Christopher Re. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Resource-Constrained Machine Learning (ReCoML 2020), 2020.

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GRIP: A Graph Neural Network Accelerator Architecture.

Kevin Kiningham, Philip Levis, and Christopher Re. In IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, 2022.

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