Assignment 7: Mobile Systems                                    

due: 12:00pm May 20th by email to:,
(submission instructions below)

(This week, we're keeping the assignment to a minimum so you'll have ample time to work on your projects.)

(1) Mobile Applications

The reading for this week concerns the performance of various smartphones:

Please submit a review of the paper. In addition, please answer the following questions:

-  Were any of the results surprising to you? Why?
-  Have you ever owned one of the smartphones investigated in this experiment? If so, how did it do? And how does it perform day-to-day?
-  Write down one question about the methodology or impact of the paper (for class discussion.)

(2) Class projects.

Your experiment should be in high gear this week! That's because in class on 5/20 you'll be presenting your preliminary data and figures. (Attendance is mandatory.) Please prepare a short 10-15 minute presentation on your current results and what you plan on accomplishing between now and the final project presentation. Make a short post on your project blog containing your preliminary graphs and data, and a few sentences of explanation.

This week, please also check in with your buddies. Make a post on their blogs with any comments or suggestions you might have about the progress of their experiment.

Also remember that by 5/27, we'd like everyone to have made thoughtful, constructive comments on at least 6 of the blogs of your classmates. Bonus points for posting on all 8 of your classmates' blogs!

What to submit:

(0) Reading review paragraph
(1) Answers to questions in part (1).
(2) Blog post with a writeup on your progress, and what you'll be presenting in class.
(3) Link to your post on your buddy's blog (in the form of a comment to their most recent post.)