CS 303 Lab Notebooks: 

Student Topic
Anant IDE plugin for reusing source code (coding is hard; thankfully, others can do it.)
Arti Virtual clothing shopping (because we all secretly want to try on funny pants.)
Jack Gender differences in attractiveness ratings (but does the scale go up to 11?)
Justin Unraveling the mysterious myth cluster (my money's on the leprechauns)
Jonathan Incorporating quizes intoList  Wikipedia (we could actually learn something from it?!)
Keegan Studying tabbed browsing in Chrome (This and Ravi's project are arch nemeses)
Melissa Browsing patterns on mobile vs. stationary(?) devices (let's get some shoes!)
Nina Examining bounce rates during search (Sadly this was too expensive to study)
Ravi The effect of page-load delays on procrastination (It might "kill your buzz")