During the Fall'11 quarter, SING will hold joint meetings with the SNSG folks.

Meetings are every Wednesday @ 11am in Packard 277.

If you would like to present in one of our meetings, please email Maria at mariakaz.at.stanford.dot.edu.

Upcoming Talks

Date Speaker Topic

Past Talks

Date Speaker Topic
03-08-2011 -- --
03-01-2011 Ming Tsang 60GHz Radios
02-22-2011 Olaf Landsiedel Exploiting Link Dynamics in Wireless Sensor Networks
02-15-2011 Prasun Sinha Enabling Fair Sharing of Resources in Femtocell-based Architectures
02-08-2011 Kannan Srinivasan Practice Talk
02-01-2011 Jeffrey Mehlman and Manu Bansal Wireless Virtualization
01-25-2011 Jacob Leverich Resource-Proportionality in MapReduce
01-18-2011 Behram Mistree The Emerson Language [slides]
12/07/2010 cs448b folk Attend Data Visualization Class Demo session
11/30/2010 -- No meeting
121/23/2010 -- Thanksgiving Break
11/16/2010 Philip Guo Reliably Running Linux Commands on Other Computers without Dependency Hell [project page]
11/02/2010 Behram Mistree Project Citadel: Methods, Data, and Moving Forward
10/19/2010 Brandon Heller A Network in a Laptop: Rapid Prototyping for Software-Defined Networks  (check out mininet)
10/12/2010 Ian Downes Communication in Dynamic Networks
09/28/2010 Dr. Hock Beng Lim Cyber-Physical Infrastructure for Continuous Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems [bio+abstract]
09/21/2010 No meeting MobiCom/MobiHoc in Chicago + NSDI & CHI deadlines
09/14/2010 Kannan Srinivasan The κ-factor: Inferring Protocol Performance Using Inter-Link Reception Correlation
09/07/2010 Mayank Jain Wireless In-Band Full-Duplex
8/31/2010 Jung IL Choi Granding Silence to Avoid Wireless Collisions
8/24/2010 Elaine Chen Plugwise Power Data Analysis [slides]
8/17/2010 Ewen Cheslack-Postava Object Discovery for Virtual Worlds [slides]
8/10/2010 KK Yap Deciphering a Commercial WiMAX Deployment using COTS Equipments [slides]
8/3/2010 Tahir Azim Discussion: "Handling Flash Crowds from your Garage" [link to paper] [slides]
7/27/2010 Daniel Horn Scaling Virtual World Communication with Meru
7/20/2010 Eric Gressier-Soudan From MPlayer Ubiquitous Games towards Distributed Games for U-Cities [pdf slides]
7/13/2010 Bhupesh Chandra Emerson: Scripting for Federated Virtual Worlds
7/6/2010 Mayank Jain Full-duplex Discussion
6/28/2010 Junaid Ansari Spectrum Agile Medium Access for Wireless Sensor Networks [pptx slides]
6/23/2010 Maria Kazandjieva HotEmNets Practice Talk: "Measuring a Human Contact Network for Epidemiology Research"[pdf slides]
6/22/2010 Jung Woo Lee WARP Practice Talk
6/8/2010 Behram Mistree Benford's Law [pdf slides]
5/25/2010 Ewen Cheslack-Postava Intro to Git [pdf slides]
5/11/2010 Mayank Jain, Jing Il Choi, Kannan Srinivasan Discussion on Full-Duplex
5/4/2010 SING Ice-cream social
4/20/2010 Brandon Heller Elastic Tree: Saving Energy in Data Center Networks
11/19/2009 Wanja Hofer Practice Talk: "Sloth: Threads as Interrupts"
11/12/2009 Shaun Kaplan Monitoring Power Transformers using Sensornets
11/05/2009 No meeting Sensys 2009
10/29/2009 Omprakash Gnawali Collection Tree Protocol
10/22/2009 Jung Il Choi The Case for a Network Protocol Isolation Layer
10/15/2009 Daniel Horn Efficient Message Queuing for Virtual Worlds.
10/1/2009 No meeting NSDI 2010 submission.
09/21/2009 Maria Kazandjieva Energy Dumpster Diving.
09/14/2009 SING Group Cleaning day.
08/17/2009 No meeting SIGCOMM 2009
08/10/2009 Tahir Azim The Hotnets 09 Virtual Worlds Submission
07/27/2009 Juan Batiz-Benet and Mayank Jain WiMAX and 802.11n.
07/20/2009 SING Group Discussion on Sensys Paper Reviews.
07/13/2009 Tal Rusak Burstiness and Scaling in the Structure of Low-Power Wireless Links.
07/06/2009 Wanja Hofer Sloth: Threads as Interrupts
06/29/2009 Jonathan Chu Demo: SWAT with 802.11 Support
06/22/2009 Mayank Jain and Jung Woo Lee CTP-Mesh
06/15/2009 SING Group SOSP Paper discussion ("Surviving Sensor Network Software Faults")
06/8/2009 ---- Frozen Yogurt!
06/1/2009 Ewen Cheslack-Postava and Tahir Azim Constant Bit-Rate Virtual Worlds and Load Balancing.
05/25/2009 No meeting Memorial Day
05/18/2009 Nikola Milosavljevic Robust Algorithms for Infrastructure Establishment in Wireless Sensor Networks
05/4/2009 SING Group Status Updates
04/27/2009 Maria Kazandjieva HotPower submission discussion
04/13/2009 No meeting IPSN 2009.
04/6/2009 No meeting Sensys Deadline!
03/16/2009 ---- End of Quarter Meeting
03/9/2009 SING Group Sensys Discussion
03/2/2009 Kannan Srinivasan Sigma
02/23/2009 ---- Cake & Discussion
02/9/2009 Tahir Azim Stanford Virtual Worlds project
02/2/2009 SING Group Discussion of research plans for the quarter
01/26/2009 SING Group Peer review of SIGCOMM submission
01/19/2009 Gunnar Schaefer (EPFL) Potentials of Opprtunistic Routing in Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
12/01/2008 Mayank Jain (with Daniel O'Neill and Sachin Adlakha) Rate control in wireless networks using wireless network utility maximization
11/17/2008 Jung Woo Lee, Jung Il Choi Implication of the Steiner Tree to the path and address merging problem (Jung Woo)
Using network coding to mitigate the TCP Data-Ack collision problem (Jung Il)
11/10/2008 -- Sensys 2008 discussion
11/03/2008 Jung Woo Lee A multiple sink collection protocol
10/27/2008 Tahir Azim Starburst SSD: Selective Dissemination to Sparse Subsets in a Sensor Network
10/20/2008 Kannan Srinivasan Second Sensys 2008 practice talk: "The β-factor: Measuring wireless link burstiness"
10/13/2008 Kannan Srinivasan Sensys 2008 practice talk: "The β-factor: Measuring wireless link burstiness"
10/06/2008 Marcelo Martins (University of Tokyo) Research on an RFID-based Positioning System for Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
09/29/2008 -- Discussion on work done during the summer and next steps.
09/22/2008 -- New academic year introductions
09/15/2008 Jung Il Choi and Mayank Jain Overview of the mesh network setup and discussion of the command interface
09/09/2008 Kannan Srinivasan, Maria Kazandjieva, Mayank Jain and Edward Kim Overview of SWAT: the Stanford Wireless Analysis Tool
09/01/2008 No meeting Labor Day
08/11/2008 -- Going over the Sensys reviews
08/05/2008 Tal Rusak Investigating a Physically-Based Signal Power Model for Robust Low Power Wireless Link Simulation
7/28/2008 Maria Kazandjieva and Guy Davidson Progress report and discussion on PowerNet
7/21/2008 -- Discussion of Hotnets submission of "Wireless: What You Get and What You See"
7/14/2008 -- Discussion of Hotnets submission of "Fairness" paper
7/7/2008 Jung Woo Lee WARP
6/30/2008 -- Summer plans discussion
6/16/2008 Jung Il Choi Grant-to-Send in 802.11-based Mesh
6/9/2008 -- No meeting (Finals Week)
6/2/2008 -- End-of-the-quarter meeting
5/26/2008 -- Memorial Day
5/19/2008 Maria A. Kazandjieva PRR Is Not Enough
5/12/2008 Kevin Klues TOSThreads: Towards a TinyOS Kernel
5/5/2008 Mayank Jain Plans for 802.11 Testbed
4/28/2008 Stephen Dawson-Haggerty The Effect of Link Churn on Wireless Routing
4/21/2008 -- Next steps after SenSys
4/14/2008 -- Sensys submission due
4/7/2008 -- Sensys submission peer-review session
Winter Qtr. Joint Sensornet Seminars
11/30/2007 Jung Il Choi Fair Waiting Protocol
11/23/2007 -- Thanksgiving holiday
11/16/2007 Kannan Srinivasan Kannan Srinivasan, Maria A. Kazandjieva, Saatvik Agarwal, and Philip Levis, "The β-factor: Improving Bimodal Wireless Networks", Technical Report SING-07-01.
11/09/2007 -- No Meeting (SenSys 2007)
11/02/2007 Kevin Klues Kevin Klues, Greg Hackmann, Octav Chipara, Chenyang Lu (Washington U St Louis), "A Component Based Architecture for Power-Efficient Media Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks", SenSys 2007
10/26/2007 Megan Wachs Megan Wachs, Jung Il Choi, Jung Woo Lee, Kannan Srinivasan, Zhe Chen, Mayank Jain and Philip Levis, "Visibility: A New Metric for Protocol Design." To appear in Proceedings of the Fifth ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys), 2007.
10/19/2007 David Gal K. Jamieson, H. Balakrishnan, "PPR: Partial Packet Recovery for Wireless Networks", SIGCOMM 2007.
10/12/2007 Mayank Jain R. Gummadi, D. Wetherall, B. Greenstein, S. Seshan, "Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of RF Interference on 802.11 Networks", In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2007, Kyoto, Japan, Aug 2007.
10/05/2007 Kevin Klues Integrating Concurrency Control and Energy Management in Device Drivers
09/27/2007 Maria Kazandjieva Cell phone programming challenges and the MARS infrastructure
09/20/2007 Brano Kusy Time synchronization and localization
09/13/2007 -- Introductions and research plans
09/06/2007 Rodrigo Fonseca 4-bit wireless link estimation (Tech report SING-07-00)
08/30/2007 -- --
08/23/2007 -- Ice Cream!
08/16/2007 Muneeb Ali Routing in Low Power and Lossy Networks
08/09/2007 Jung Il Choi J. Li, C. Blake, D. Couto, H.I. Lee, R. Morris, "Capacity of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks", ACM SIGMOBILE 2001
08/02/2007 Kevin Klues Kevin Klues, Vlado Handziski, Chenyang Lu, Adam Wolisz, David Culler, David Gay, and Philip Levis, "Integrating Concurrency Control and Energy Management in Device Drivers", SOSP 2007
07/26/2007 Muneeb Ali M. Ali, and K. Langendoen, "TinyPC: Enabling Low-Cost Internet Access in Developing Regions", ACM SIGCOMM NSDR'07
07/19/2007 Kannan Srinivasan C. E. Koksal, H. Kassab, H. Balakrishnan, "An Analysis of Short-Term Fairness in Wireless Media Access Protocol", ACM SIGMETRICS 2000
07/12/2007 Zhe Chen C.Y. Wan, S.B. Eisenman, A.T. Campbell, "CODA: Congestion Detection and Avoidance in Sensor Networks", Sensys 2003
07/05/2007 Philip Levis "A Transmission Control Scheme for Media Access in Sensor Networks" by A. Woo, D.E. Culler on ACM SIGMOBILE 2001
06/29/2007 Jung Il Choi Funneling-MAC
06/22/2007 -- Ice Cream!
06/15/2007 Mayank Jain Analog Network Coding
06/08/2007 Tahir Azim Starburst
06/01/2007 Kresimir Mihic Detection, Classification and Tracking of Targets.
05/25/2007 -- Discussion.
05/18/2007 Lei Yang Exploiting the Capture Effect for Collision Detection and Recovery.
05/11/2007 -- Discussion/Project Update.
05/04/2007 Kannan Srinivasan Collection Tree Protocol (CTP)
04/20/2007 Jung Woo Lee Analyzing the MAC-level Behavior of Wireless Networks PDF
04/13/2007 -- Discussion/Project Update.
04/06/2007 Megan Wachs Opening the Sensornet Black Box PDF