CTP experiment data

Testbed Institution Experiment Browse Tarball
Kansei Ohio State Topology Topologykansei.tar.gz
Kansei Ohio State CTP CTP
Motelab Harvard Topology Topology motelab.tar.gz
Motelab Harvard CTP CTP
Mirage-mica2dot Intel Berkeley Topology Topology mirage-mica2dot.tar.gz
Mirage-mica2dot Intel Berkeley Topology CTP
Mirage-micaz Intel Berkeley Topology Topology mirage-micaz.tar.gz
Mirage-micaz Intel Berkeley Topology CTP
NetEye Wayne State University Topology Topology neteye.tar.gz
NetEye Wayne State University CTP CTP
Quanto UC Berkeley Topology Topology quanto.tar.gz
Quanto UC Berkeley CTP CTP
Tutornet USC Topology Topology tutornet.tar.gz
Tutornet USC CTP CTP
Twist-eyesifx TU Berlin Topology Topology twist-eyesifx.tar.gz
Twist-eyesifx TU Berlin CTP CTP
Twist-tmote TU Berlin Topology Topology twist-tmote.tar.gz
Twist-tmote TU Berlin CTP CTP
Vinelab University of Virginia Topology Topology vinelab.tar.gz
Vinelab University of Virginia CTP CTP
Wymanpark Johns Hopkins University Topology Topology wymanpark.tar.gz
Wymanpark Johns Hopkins University CTP CTP

Misc. downloads

I would like to thank the administrators of the testbeds mentioned above for access to the testbeds and assistance running the experiments.

Omprakash Gnawali
Stanford University